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Excerpts from Hakluytus Posthumus, memories of Anthony Knivet during the year of 1591. Purchas His Pilgrimes, Volume XVI, Library of the University of California.


We departed from thence, and having a faire winde about sixe of the clocke we came to the Iland of San Sebastian, where wee anchored, being five leagues from Santos.


The Generall thought good to goe from hence to the Iland of San Sebastian, and there if he did not meete with some of the ships, that then he would returne for England…



… we came to San Sebastian Iland, all this while I lay under Hatches lame, sicke, and almost starved: I was not able to stirre, I was so weake. After we came to this Iland, the first thing that was done, the sicke men were set on shoare to shift for themselves, twentie of us were set on shoare...


He came to a Towne hard by Iland of San Sebastian, called Jaquerequere, where using the Canibals kindly, and giving them Knives and Hatchets and Beades, hee won their hearts so much unto him that they gave him their Sonnes and Daughters to bee his slaves…


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