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Martim Afonso de Souza , exploring the coast of Brazil , with the intent of founding at some point it a colony , entered January 20, 1532 in the channel formed by a peninsula from the mainland and an island to which he gave the name of São Sebastião . The name is then forwarded to the town of San Sebastian , established in March 16, 1636 , by the attorney of the heirs of the first grantees of the captaincy of São Vicente .

With minor changes in its facilities , the port remained a regional entrepot trade at the end of the era of the great sailing ships . It was only in the 1920s that saw the need and desirability of creating a public port in São Sebastião .

For the construction and commercial operation of the port of São Sebastião , the Union entered into an agreement with the government of the state of São Paulo, October 26, 1934 , for a term of 60 years. The works , however , began only in April 26, 1936 , under the National Company of Civil and Hydraulic Construction .

The official inauguration took place in the harbor January 20, 1955 , to their exploitation exercised by the state agency Directors of the Port of São Sebastião , created on September 18, 1952 .

In 1961 began the construction of the Ferry Terminal Almirante Barroso - Tebar , Petrobras , which lasted until 1969. Its pipelines connecting São Sebastião a Santos , Cubatão, Paulínea and Capuava . In 1968 the Norwegian tanker BJorgfjell performed the first successful docking at the pier , inaugurating the terminal pumping crude oil brought from Iraq . Today is administered by Transport Petrobras S / A - Transpetro .

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Location Map of the Port of São Sebastião


The Port of São Sebastião is located on the northern coast of São Paulo, in the city of São Sebastião, 200 kilometers from the city of São Paulo. Your position in the channel between the city and Ilha Bela, makes it one of the best port areas of the world.

Its geographical location is 23 º 49 'South latitude and 45 ° 24' longitude west of Greenwich.

Navigation through Nautical Charts, is made by letter No. 1645, the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation of the Navy of Brazil


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Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2954 – 11º andar
Bairro: Jardim Paulistano
CEP: 01451-000 - São Paulo / SP
Fone: (11) 3078-3651
Fax: (11) 3078-3825

Av. Doutor Altino Arantes, 410
Bairro: Centro
Cep: 11600-000 - São Sebastião / SP
Fone: (12) 3892-1899


Road Access

Rod. SP 055 - Dr. Manoel Hyppolito Rego (Santos a São Sebastião)

Rod. SP 098 - Dom Paulo Rolim Loureiro (Mogi das Cruzes a Bertioga)

Rod. SP 099 - Rodovia dos Tamoios (S.José dos Campos a Caraguatatuba)

Rod. SP 070 - Sistema Trabalhadores (São Paulo a Taubaté)

Rod. SP 065 - Dom Pedro I (Jacareí a Campinas)

Rod. BR 116 - Presidente Dutra (São Paulo ao Rio de Janeiro)


More details on the highway

› Departamento de Estradas de Rodagem - D.E.R

› Desenvolvimento Rodoviário S/A - DERSA

The truck traffic on the highway Tamoios (SP 99) is restricted at certain times on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. For exact information on such schedules, consult the DER in Taubaté: (12) 3626.1111.








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