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As Ship Agents we attend: General Cargo, Tanker, Cruise Vessels and Offshore    Oil Industry segments.


We attend as direct agents but also as sub-agents representing those Hub Agents which do not have their own offices installed locally. Operating as Charterer’s Agents and/or or as Owner’s Agents.


We operate crew changes, giving assistance at the airport and ports, passing Immigration and Customs.


We have a fleet of our own cars for said work, operated by experienced first class professionals.We are also DHL’s local base, spanning deliveries and pickups within the area of the four neighboring cities – São Sebastião, Caraguatatuba and Ilhabela Island and the costal stretches until the boundary between São Sebastião and Bertioga municipalities.


The services which we can render to you are guaranteed first class and references can be obtained upon request.



Atividade no Canal de São Sebastião | Foto: Porto de São Sebastião






For the kind reader to have a proper dimension, we would like to stress that to have good service, especially without setbacks and subsequent pendencies at Authorities later on, it is prudent that Principals choose carefully who they choose to represent their interests.

Responsabilities undertaken by Shipping Agents are immense and it takes an experienced agent to carry out said responsabilities.






Roberto Germano (English + Portuguese)


Mobile > 99728-3303


Igor Rodrigues de Oliveira (English + Portuguese)

Ops Ext. | Mobile > 99728-3304


Manoel dos S. Germano | Financial

Home > + 55 12 3892-1849

Mobile >  99726-3478


Nilson dos Santos Germano | Ops Int. & D/A

Home >  + 55 12 3896-3168

Mobile >  99726-3471



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